The Association of Black Conservatives Congratulates Erin O’Toole, the Newly Elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

The Association of Black Conservatives (“ABC”) congratulates all the leadership candidates, Leslyn Lewis, Peter MacKay, Erin O’Toole and Derek Sloan for a well fought Conservative Party of Canada (“CPC”) leadership race. We also applaud the teams of the leadership candidates for their hard work and dedication to the conservative movement in Canada and our big tent party. 

ABC celebrates and acknowledges the historic nature of the candidacy of Leslyn Lewis. We wish her the best of luck going forward and we are happy to see how she finished her race with such fortitude. 

For many Canadians, 2020 will not be remembered with much fondness. Unfortunately, at this time, the federal government appears to be distracted and rather out of touch as an ever-increasing number of Canadians are finding themselves on the economic margins of society. 

ABC believes in advancing the principals of equity, inclusion and prosperity for the Black Canadian community and all Canadians. Thus, we are very much encouraged by the recent comments of Erin O’Toole in which he said, 

“Helping parents to meet the everyday costs of raising their families, helping them lift themselves up to create a better life for their children…is what motivated me to get into public life, and it continues to drive me every day. This will continue to be my focus as leader of the Opposition, and very soon, with your help, as prime minister.”

In our interactions and meetings with Erin O’Toole, the National Council of ABC found that he demonstrated a solid understanding of important fiscal, economic, foreign direct investment and international trade issues. Hence, we are confident that under his leadership Erin O’Toole will be able to hold the Trudeau government to account and will seek the economic well-being of all Canadians.  

To achieve economic recovery and greater prosperity for everyday Canadians, the CPC will need to stand united. Having observed his leadership style, we are certain that Erin O’Toole will be able to captain our big conservative boat. We wish Mr. O’Toole much success and we look forward to lending our support to ensure that he is indeed the next prime minister of Canada. 

Dr. Ako Ufodike

Chair, the National Council