The Association of Black Conservatives (“ABC”) is an incorporated not-for-profit. The organization aims to promote conservative values and believes our prosperity as Canadians is assured when we maintain and promote the principles of equality for all people.

The ABC is made up of members from all over the country. The National Council of the ABC has designated the responsibility of managing and supervising the management of the activities and affairs of the organization. National Council consists of representatives from the various chapters across Canada.

ABC is grounded on the following principles:

  1. We believe that our prosperity as Canadians is assured when we maintain strict fidelity to principles of equality for all people irrespective of race, colour, or any other immutable characteristics of a person.
  2. We believe that government should be ethical, accountable, and accepting of its social responsibilities. Furthermore, we believe that the progress of Canadian society requires a competitive economy which allows every individual freedom of opportunity, initiative and the peaceful enjoyment of the fruits of his or her own labour.
  3. We believe that economic freedom, entrepreneurial spirit and the right to private property are essential to economic prosperity and political freedom.

The objectives of the ABC are:

  1. To promote civic engagement and active participation in the political process within the Black Canadian community;
  2. To raise the social, economic and educational standards of Black Canadians;
  3. To promote the development and recognition of Black leaders in Canada;
  4. To be the preeminent organization for representing the Black diaspora in Canada; and
  5. To cooperate with conservative political parties and groups in the provinces and territories of Canada.

Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Association of the Black Conservatives is called the National Council. Directors sit on the board for a term of two years and can be re-elected. To be eligible to sit on the board, a director needs to be a Black Canadian who meets one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Previous officials elected on a conservative platform;
  2. Previous or current conservative nomination candidates;
  3. Previous or current conservative provincial and federal conservative party riding /EDA directors; and/or
  4. Previous or current conservative party staffers.

ABC Committees

The Association of Black Conservatives has five standing committees responsible for carrying out the programs and governance of the organization. Individuals interested in joining a committee must be an active member of the Association of Black Conservatives. If you are interested in joining a committee, please send an email to Susie Ally at